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Cost Effective Grid Tie or Off Grid Residential & Commercial Solar Electric PV Systems

Alternative Energy Solar Electric, Inc. sells, services & installs Grid Tie or Off Grid Solar Electric Photovoltaic systems in Denver and throughout most of Colorado

Alternative Energy Solar Electric, Inc in Golden, Colorado provides on grid or off grid solar electric photovoltaic systems and related equipment to residential and commercial businesses at very affordable prices.Colorado on grid Solar Electric Residential Installation by Alternative Energy, LTD Whether you're looking for solar panels, AC power inverters, or deep cycle batteries, you can count on our licensed and insured company to take care of all your needs in a timely, efficient manner. Proudly offering you more than 35 years as electricians and over a decade of PV, we design, engineer, and install all types of photovoltaic solar systems in the Denver metro area as well as most of Colorado.

We have been in operation for more than 10 years, Alternative Energy Ltd. in Golden, Colorado, is known for providing outstanding personalized customer service and cost-efficient photovoltaic energy solutions to residential home owners and commercial businesses at very competitive prices.

From photovoltaic street lighting to home or business solar electric PV systems, Alternative Energy, LTD has the necessary equipment and staffing to meet all your requirements from start to finish.

We offer all major brands of solar electric modules, inverters, deep-cycle batteries, wind generators, chargers, racking and mounting systems to make your dream installation a reality!

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we only install high-quality name-brand products.

Some of the brand name solar electric products and components we install include:

We want to be your solar electric contractor. Contact Paul today for a free site analysis and quotation.